Sent To Siberia

Preaching the Gospel to the Rurals of Siberia

Strategy or How We Hope to Get Things Done!

Our strategy for reaching the people of central Siberia with the Gospel is three fold in nature. On this page you will find a brief description of this strategy and methods used in implementing them. Please note that we do not hold strictly to this or any strategy but use it as a general guideline for achieving the greater goal of sharing the Gospel with those who are lost.

  • Church Planting and Spiritual Outreach
  • Mercy Ministries and Practical Aid
  • Micro-Enterprise and the Self-Supporting Mission.
Church Planting and Spiritual Outreach
Jesus commanded us to go into all the world “making disciples of all nations.” We believe that planting churches is the essential element in making disciples. Much can be done through short term evangelism but the fruits of such work will not last if there is not a body of believers, well grounded in the word, left in that area. Our main focus then is to plant churches in every town where we minister.

Unfortunately the need for churches is far greater than the amount of available ministers. We hope to train Russians in the Word so that they may be able to minister to their people. In the Boguchany region, where we our current focus is, there are 27 villages and towns and only four of them have churches. If you feel led of God to give your life to His service and think that working on establishing a church in one of these villages may be something God is placing on your heart, please drop us a line. We need all the help we can get.
We are currently focused on planting churches in the Boaguchany region. Eventually we hope to work in many regions of Siberia. 
Mercy Ministries and Practical Aid
Showing our compassion and love for those who we are sent to minister to is an essential part of our mission. In the past we have helped organize humanitarian aid, soup kitchens, adoptions, and physical assistance to the elderly. Currently we have a rehab program for drug addicts and recovering alcoholics. In the future we hope to open a Christian orphanage.

Micro Enterprise and Self-Supporting Missions.
Ultimately we believe that churches and other Christian works must be supported from within Russia. We do encourage foreign support, foreign missionaries, etc. but we hope that all resources at our disposal will be used to set up systems which will encourage the local ministers to be self supporting.

Because the churches in most towns and villages across Siberia will never be large enough to support a full time staff, the concept of bi-vocational ministers is essential to the growth and continuation of the ministry.